Laura Tuan Lenormand Oracle
- Lyn D. Black, The Lamplighter -

I had pre-ordered the Laura Tuan Lenormand Oracle deck off of Amazon ages before... and it arrived August 23rd 2013, a total of $15.95 with the shipping, and is a 2013 Lo Scarabeo production; they did the layout and the translation is credited to Julie Bradshaw. Laura Tuan has several various type decks published under her name.

This deck is the 36 traditional cards, as seen in the Orakelspielkarten mit Kartenbildern deck... then enlarged, muddied of colors, then slightly updating the Playing Card inserts to a more modern style.

By far, the best part of this deck (besides being very cheap) is that the cards are quite large for a Len, 3 1/2" wide by just shy of 5" tall! The cardstock is quite sturdy and nicely coated, too.

The book is substantial, the same size as the cards, 159 pages, black & white depictions of the cards. After information on a few layouts, there are 4 pages per card of info and this includes : upright meaning, reversed meaning, timing, advice, then Spread of The Year info, then feelings, success, and money.

However, I place absolutely no value on the "Consecrating The Deck"... do it on the Winter Solstice? Are you kidding me? Who is going to wait months for such a thing and the very term, I find offensive... as though you have to go through some complex action, to do such a thing. People, people, people... just sit and calmly shuffle your deck for several minutes.

I am very pleased with this set and can honestly encourage others to buy it as well. It would make a great "House" deck because of this size.





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